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It was meant to be an escape from the harsh reality of modern life for Jamie and Alex. Two friends bound together by the tragedies of death and drug addiction.

A camping trip to Hawkswood Forest and a chance meeting with an old man with a tale of witchcraft, demons, sex and sacrifice in the town of Clearwater Falls.

Hold on tight because you are about to experience the ride of your life! If you are squeamish then you have come to the wrong place and you need to turn around now and run for your life. Once you enter Clearwater Falls you will never get to return to your boring mundane life ever!

Two worlds will collide. In the present, life appears to be normal, but there is an evil lurking in the background which is threatening to break out of its silence and taint all humanity. In the past, witchcraft is rife. Those against it fear not only for their own lives but for the sanity of those around them. Unspeakable acts are committed by those who would never do such a thing under normal circumstances.

Beware those who appear to be kind and gentle, as they may not be that at all! Are you brave enough to enter Clearwater Falls and discover the tortured souls?

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